Sigh when the most important exam of my life is coming up so many things seem to happen…

My grandpa died the other day… I’m not even crying about it. It’s not that I don’t love him or sad but the fact that I know he’s in a better place that I’m not crying or sad he’s gone. He had¬†leukemia¬†and multiple heart conditions. He died after having surgery because he was allergic to the dye. However, now my mom and sister are like rushing to drive to California tomorrow to see my grandma… I mean I know she needs support but I have my thing to study for… =/ I feel obligated to go with them and if I don’t I’d feel terrible knowing that they are there while I’m at home. Sigh…

My close friends seem to be having their own problems as well… relationships, work, and personal issues. Just seems like this month is not the month for me to take this exam. I’ve been putting it off for so long because these random situations keep happening… Not sure if it’s a sign telling me I should put it off again or just take it. I can’t always be scared of taking this exam but it seems like I’m being tested.

I’am happy though personally just seems like a lot of hardship is around me and it’s getting to me a little. It feels good to write this out almost like my xanga before LOL. Don’t know what I’m going to do most likely I’m going to go tomorrow but somehow maybe things will work out. I just need to breathe in and out and clear my head.

Stressed out a bit… confused a bit… emotionally trying to hold it together…

-Breathe in and out

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